New Control Techniques Energy Savings Video Available ControlTechdemo

Control Techniques Americas has released a 6-minute "Energy Savings" video demonstrating how its variable frequency drives (VFDs) used with centrifugal fans and pumps offer extremely good energy saving opportunities - as high as 60% in some applications (payback can be as little as 3 to 6 months in applications with long periods of low-flow operation). The savings potential is high in these variable torque applications because centrifugal fans and pumps follow what are called the "Affinity Laws." These laws of physics basically state that the flow is approximately proportional to speed but the power consumed is roughly proportionate to the cube of the speed. The video shows that even a slight speed reduction results in a comparatively large drop in power consumption. (An added benefit of reducing speed is that audible noise is reduced by the fifth power of the speed.)

Features of Control Techniques AC drives that are particularly useful in fan and pump applications include:

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