We provide comprehensive repair, maintenance and consulting services, including:

Consulting services

Current Electric Motor Supply sells hundreds of different motors, variable frequency drives, electric motor accessories and pumps. We carry single phase and three phase motors up to NEMA 5009L frame. Whether your application is for a lathe, milling machine, conveyor, lift, farming, irrigation equipment, HVAC unit, hydronic, condensate return or any industrial manufacturing equipment, we can help.

Repair Services

Electric motor repair includes both mechanical and electrical services to a broad range of industrial and commercial applications. Our electric motor repair division provides both in-house and on-site electric motor testing and evaluation. Rewinding of AC/DC motors up to NEMA 449 frame, machine shop service and mechanical services are done at our Ann Arbor facility. We also offer on-site mechanical services 24/7.

We repair and service:

Electric Motor Rewind Service

Current Electric performs all types of repairs to both AC and DC motors, from general mechanical repair, to reconditioning and complete rewind/rebuilding. We are an EASA member and adhere to EASA guidlines. The process involves motor identification, recording nameplate data, cleaning and testing the motor windings (surge/hi-pot test), measuring all fits, and check the rotating element on or balancing machine, afterwhich we will submit a report to our customers prior to performing any work. Any and all repairs and recorded and kept for future reference at our facility.

Pump Repair

We service pumps (all makes) for irrigation, heating, liquid transfer, condensate, lawn sprinkler, commercial and residential pools, sump, effluent and wastewater.

In-House Services